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Furious dance battle ends in friendship.  Soccer truly bridges all divides.


ashlynharris24: @akrieger11 and @heatheroreilly at our Spirit Camp yesterday. Hao thanks for stopping in to say hi! #ThisKidWasRunningCirclesAroundMe #IToldHerToStop #ShowOff #HaoSheStoleYourOutfit


ashlynharris24: @akrieger11 and @heatheroreilly at our Spirit Camp yesterday. Hao thanks for stopping in to say hi! #ThisKidWasRunningCirclesAroundMe #IToldHerToStop #ShowOff #HaoSheStoleYourOutfit

inlovewithgreen94 asked: This girl in my class wants to wear a hijab because she thinks they're pretty. I find that disrespectful because I'm Muslim and she knows that but she says she doesn't mean to be disrespectful.







You tell that girl


No this shit is extremely offensive. As a kid I would have my hijab snatched OFF my head and thrown on the ground. I was teased mercilessly by many of the children I went to school with because they didn’t understand or hadn’t even heard of Islam and the meaning behind covering my head. A boy would torment me and I came home to tell my sister, who ended up fighting him. The bullying from the other children got so bad that my father told us (my two sisters and I) that we could stop wearing them.

When I read this post all I can think about is the hardship I faced all because of my hijab. And some girl thinks it’s pretty and that’s why she wants to wear one. No. She should not ever in life wear one.

They are pretty….

I have this issue all the time.

Personally I wish I could embrace other cultures through dress, but Tumblr has taught me that is Cultural Appropriation so I will not do it.

Its sucks tho

Hijabs are not “cultural” they are religious, hijabs are not “pretty” wearing the hijab is an act of worship. There are Muslim women from all races and cultures who wear the hijab. Honestly I find it flat out disrespectful when people talk about the hijab as if it’s a cute little accessory. It’s not something to try on for a day. It is especially disrespectful given the large amount of prejudice and discrimination women who wear the hijab face.

- Eniola

If we muslims want people to accept our hijab, and yes I wear one too, we should let other people do what they want as well! If she wants to cover her hair, ok, good for her! why tell her no?! If I say hijab is my choice, then it’s her choice as well, whatever the reason might me. 

I’m a little ashamed to see muslims react this way… If you want to be able to wear what you want, others should be too. 

Honestly you are on your own. I definitely disagree with you, no one is saying non Muslim women can’t cover their hair that would be ludicrous, women have been covering their hair across the globe for literally thousands of years. The hijab is something that is specific to Islam and it’s not an accessory, if you’re not Muslim you shouldn’t be wearing a hijab period. It’s just plain disrespectful to take something that has a deep spiritual meaning and just decontextualise it because you think it “looks pretty”. This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity it is a matter of religion. You can cover your hair with a scarf if you like, heck on the catholic side of my family my grandmother regularly covers her hair with a headwrap because she gets cold in the winter, that is not a hijab. If you want to let your non Muslim friends run around in hijabs whenever they feel like it that’s up to you, but my opinion is not going to change.

- Eniola

To me, this seems like a prime opportunity for some da’wah. We’re inclusive, not exclusive.